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Corrective Breast Reconstruction

The objective of corrective, or “revision” surgery, is to address issues that occurred during or after breast reconstruction surgery that affect the quality of the patient’s life and health. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast reconstruction to patients in Chicago, IL, and surrounding locations.   Need for Corrective Breast Reconstruction Surgery A… Read more »

Breast Reconstruction After Cancer

A woman who has lost one or both breasts during a mastectomy can restore the appearance of her breasts with a breast reconstruction plastic surgery procedure. This plastic surgery procedure can help improve the patient’s sense of self-worth, femininity, and confidence. But breast reconstruction is a major procedure and one that should only be undertaken… Read more »

What should you expect during my breast reconstruction recovery?

In the recovery process for breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery, both the physical and emotional aspects are important. The surgical technique used to undertake the reconstruction procedure determines the time taken to recover from the procedure physically. Flap reconstruction usually has a more extended recovery period in comparison to implant reconstruction as the former involves healing… Read more »

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Procedure Steps

Various techniques can be used to perform breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery. The steps involved in the surgery will differ, depending on the technique chosen and whether the surgery is undertaken in combination with a mastectomy or later. At the time of the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will explain the steps involved in the procedure and… Read more »

How do you prepare for breast reconstruction surgery?

Breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery is a major procedure, involving an extensive treatment and recovery process. The patient will need to commit the necessary time for this reconstructive procedure. The surgeon will provide the patient with in-depth preparation guidelines for her breast reconstruction surgery. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Bloom provides breast reconstruction to patients… Read more »

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Risks And Safety

Breast reconstruction plastic surgery is often an elaborate and complex procedure. It will involve certain risks, similar to any other surgical procedure. At the time of the initial consultation process, the surgeon will inform the patient about the potential risks associated with this procedure to enable her to make a judicious choice. Board certified plastic… Read more »

Types of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery helps a woman restore the shape, size, and appearance of her breast after a mastectomy. Women seeking breast reconstructive surgery should consult their surgeon to determine their candidacy for the procedure. Upon approval from an experienced and skilled surgeon, the next step will be a detailed, in-depth breast reconstruction consultation. Such… Read more »

What questions should you ask my plastic surgeon about breast reconstruction?

Choosing to undergo breast reconstruction plastic surgery is a life-altering decision and patients should decide on it only after evaluating all aspects of the procedure and after obtaining complete clarity on the surgery process.   At the time of the initial consultation, the patient will be able to pose any questions that they may have… Read more »

What should you expect during a consultation for breast reconstruction?

The decision to undergo breast reconstruction plastic surgery after mastectomy can be a life-altering one. Therefore, the patient should proceed cautiously and review all aspects of this procedure prior to committing to it. The initial consultation is a crucial element of the breast reconstruction process as it provides the patient with an in-depth understanding of… Read more »

Who is a good candidate for breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery is a major procedure. The patient should make a well-considered choice about the surgery as it involves multiple procedures over several months. Therefore, the patient should evaluate all options to determine which one is most suitable for her unique needs. The surgeon will provide detailed information to the patient to help… Read more »