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Types of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery helps a woman restore the shape, size, and appearance of her breast after a mastectomy. Women seeking breast reconstructive surgery should consult their surgeon to determine their candidacy for the procedure. Upon approval from an experienced and skilled surgeon, the next step will be a detailed, in-depth breast reconstruction consultation. Such… Read more »

What questions should you ask my plastic surgeon about breast reconstruction?

Choosing to undergo breast reconstruction plastic surgery is a life-altering decision and patients should decide on it only after evaluating all aspects of the procedure and after obtaining complete clarity on the surgery process.   At the time of the initial consultation, the patient will be able to pose any questions that they may have… Read more »

What should you expect during a consultation for breast reconstruction?

The decision to undergo breast reconstruction plastic surgery after mastectomy can be a life-altering one. Therefore, the patient should proceed cautiously and review all aspects of this procedure prior to committing to it. The initial consultation is a crucial element of the breast reconstruction process as it provides the patient with an in-depth understanding of… Read more »

Who is a good candidate for breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery is a major procedure. The patient should make a well-considered choice about the surgery as it involves multiple procedures over several months. Therefore, the patient should evaluate all options to determine which one is most suitable for her unique needs. The surgeon will provide detailed information to the patient to help… Read more »

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Before And After Photos

Breast reconstruction surgery may be an appropriate solution for women who have undergone breast removal or mastectomy and seek to restore the appearance of their breast(s). During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will showcase to the patient breast reconstruction before and after images of previous patients to enable them to attain clarity on the potential… Read more »

Is breast reconstruction surgery covered by insurance?

Breast cancer patients would want to understand whether their medical insurance plan will cover the costs of their breast reconstruction plastic surgery. The answer is ‘yes’ in many cases. However, patients should ideally discuss matters related to insurance coverage with their breast surgeon and insurer in advance of the procedure. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr…. Read more »

How much does breast reconstruction surgery cost?

Women who have had one or both breasts removed due to a mastectomy may consider breast reconstruction plastic surgery to restore the appearance of their breasts. During the pre-operative consultation, the breast surgeon will provide the patient with information on various facets of this procedure, including its approximate costs.   Working things Out Many patients… Read more »

What is breast reconstruction surgery?

For women who have had one or both of their breasts removed due to a mastectomy procedure and seek to restore the appearance of their breasts, breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery may be an appropriate procedure. This innovative procedure can effectively restore the breast appearance enhancing the patient’s self-confidence and sense of femininity.   Not Simple;… Read more »

Facelift Surgery Procedure Steps

Facelift cosmetic surgery is a proven and effective procedure to reduce facial signs of aging, tighten loose muscles in the face, and provide the face with a rejuvenated appearance. At the time of the initial consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient of the various steps involved in this procedure. Upon understanding the steps involved… Read more »

Preparing For Neck Lift Plastic Surgery

Neck lift plastic surgery helps create a more youthful and sculpted neck appearance. While a neck lift is a relatively less invasive procedure, it still warrants thorough preparation to ensure safe and predictable outcomes. Many patients choose to undergo a neck lift procedure along with facelift surgery for more complete results. The plastic surgeon will… Read more »